Fire, Floods & Fury

Apologies for the long delay while we were getting organized. Some of the regular writers will be quite busy the next couple of months so longer posts will be somewhat disparate. Still, we’re redoubling our efforts to put up more frequent short posts throughout the week. There’s just too much going on not to.

Last Friday, as Colorado continued to burn, a derecho swept past the mid Atlantic coast. It followed a day of record breaking heat. It was 104F in Washington D.C.,our nation’s capitol. The temperature high broke 142 years of records. My family lives in the area, and so I first found out first from them. Trees were down everywhere, over a million in the area were left without electricity, and, I was told, for 45 minutes it was as though there was an electrical storm in the sky. They filled me in while I was visiting Toronto, where the heatwave was only hitting the 90’s. Heat feeds storms, it gives them energy. It also feeds fire. It may be hard to say that the changes in climate are causing any specific weather event, because is very hard to say that a given weather event wouldn’t otherwise occur- even it would be incredibly unlikely. Much of that has to do with cautious nature of “science speak” which is far more conservative than todays “news speak”.

The message that is not debated even in academic circles, but often lost, is this: The climate is getting hotter. We are experiencing an increase in the extreme wether events one would expect with a hotter climate. The way we burn energy plays a key role in adding heat to the atmosphere. We have the technology to change that now.

Again, there is sound and copious research to back each of these statements.
(In fact, I’ll link a reputable reference to each word, in another post, when I have a little more time.)

So, is this a fluke, is it a still rare phenomenon foreshadowing what will someday be common, or is this the new normal?

~ Nuevaspora



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