Perspectives From Burlington VT

There were actions addressing environmental concerns all over the country last weekend. Many people from the Boston area headed up to Burlington, Vermont to join in a human oil spill. Michael Levitin at Thruthout and Chloe Maxmin at First Here Then Everywhere have both covered the event, the latter writing from a first hand perspective. A dispatch from one of our own Boston area OB CASEJ organizers will be out in a few days!  ~ Nuevaspora


An excerpt from Levitin’s America’s Green Summer: From Vermont to Appalachia to Texas, Citizens Say Not to Dirty Power:

“The 500-person turnout and smartly choreographed “human oil spill” made Vermont the latest staging ground in what is quickly developing as a green summer of activism and resistance across America. Also over the weekend, thousands marched in Washington, DC to oppose the toxic impacts of fracking. On Saturday, activists shut down a mountaintop coal removal site in Lincoln County, West Virginia, drawing increased attention to the human and environmental costs of corporate strip mining in Appalachia.

And that is just the tip of things. Protesters in Texas have initiated a tar sands blockade, vowing to halt construction of the Keystone XL pipeline through their state. Other blockades are getting underway at ports along the West Coast to prevent further construction of coal-shipping facilities. And in August, activists nationwide will descend on Helena, Montana, to engage in an unprecedented coal export action aimed at protesting and blocking coal shipments west to the Pacific and Asian markets from the Powder River Basin, which holds 40 percent of America’s coal supply.”

From Maxmin’s Hey Govenors! Come On Out. We’ve Got Something to Talk About:

“That is what 500 people chanted as we stood outside the Hilton Hotel in Burlington, VT where the New England Governor’s and Eastern Premier’s Conference was taking place. One thing was missing from their agenda: tar sands. There was no plan to talk about Trailbreaker, the massive proposal to pump tar sands oil from Montreal through VT, NH, ME, and down to Casco Bay in South Portland.

As the Maine Sierra Club intern, I helped organized a bus of 50 Mainers to drive from Portland to Burlington early Sunday morning, a 4.5 hour trip. We were Sierra Club members, 350 Maine organizers, concerned citizens, reporters, students, and activists. Everyone was committed and enthusiastic; we all were ready to make our voices heard.”


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