Vigil to end Climate Silence: Day 1 & 2

Vanessa from 350MA sent updates for days one and two! First, for those interested, a schedule . The vigil is down in Boston’s Government Center (near the identically named T stop) and it has included people from 350MA, Students for a Just and Stable Future, Occupy Boston and more. All are welcome to sign up for a shift at 350MA site or just head down with a home made sign and let the world know were they stand…



The vigil will take place around the clock from 10/23 at 5:30pm to 10/30 at noon.  Shifts will last on average 3 hours long.

Every day at noon and 6pm — speak out forums (no 6pm speak outs on October 23rd, 27th, 28th and 30th as rallies will be taking place instead).  All are invited to come speak out about why we need to End the Silence on Climate Change.

Every day, time TBA — faith portions of the vigil (check back soon for exact times).

Tuesday Oct. 23rd — Kick-Off Rally at 5:30pm.
Speakers will start at 5:30pm but we encourage people to start gathering at 5pm so we have a crowd during the rush hour traffic. We’ll have Shift Captain training there at 7:00pm – all are welcome.

Saturday Oct. 27th — Youth Rally from 3 to 4pm, Family Time from 4 to 6pm.
We encourage kids (and parents) coming for Family Time to come in Halloween costumes!

Sunday, Oct 28th — Rally with Bill McKibben starting at 5:30pm.

Tuesday, October 30th — Closing Rally at Noon, Walking/Biking March to Debate.

Day 1

Kick-Off for Vigil to End Climate Silence

50 people came out to Vigil to End Climate Silence at Government Center in Boston last night, October 23rd.   The Vigil was kicked-off by rousing speeches by special guest Gus Speth, BU Public Health Professor Richard Clapp, and Better Future Project Executive Director Craig Altemose.  Gus Speth, author and current professor at Vermont Law School, and whose positions have included Chairman of the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality under Bill Clinton, Keystone XL protester/arrestee, and founder of Natural Resources Defense Council, joined the vigil on the day his 6th grandchild was born.

Reverend Reebee Girash led the group in a grounding meditation, Marla Marcum led the group in singing “Gentle Angry People” and Dean Stevens in other songs.

Many passersby stopped to talk to vigillers, signed the guest book, expressed appreciation and pledged to return later this week.  Words were exchanged in Spanish and Swahili and someone gave the group $20 to buy coffee.

Around 10pm, a family from Kenya emerged from the T at Government Center and made a b-line to participants of the Vigil.  They excitedly shared that they volunteer for at home and were thrilled to meet Americans standing up to address the climate crisis.

Vigil Night Shift

By midnight Lisa Purdy, Ben Thompson, Dorian Williams, Anna Lello-Smith and her mom, Denise Lello, John Griese, Roman Madaus, Marla Marcum, and one other settled in for a cold, but dry, 6 hour long night shift.  Bonnie Cockman arrived at 6am this morning to relieve them and to start the first shift of day 2.

Between 5:30pm and 6am this morning, the Brown and Warren Campaigns had already gotten 5 phone calls from the Vigil to urge them to end their climate silence during the last debate on October 30th.

More to come!

Vanessa for the Vigillers!

Day 2

We are the leaders we have been waiting for!  45 people participated in the 2nd day of the vigil!  It was our first full 24 hour day.

1) From Day 2 Vigil participant Bill Holland:


“I arrived about 7:45am,  joining the three people who had been there for the previous shift.  Several other people showed up and while all seven of us were there we called the Warren and Brown offices.  As the 8:00 shift got underway we had five vigilers.  We were six by 9:00am.  Three people walked up toward the T entrance and held signs while two of us held up the “Denial Is Not an Energy Policy” sign next to the main vigil banner.  We called out “Good morning” to people who came near and received supportive responses.  A couple people showed particular interest and we invited them to sign the guest book, which they did.  Several people particularly acknowledged us for being there.  Charley took over as Shift Captain at 9:00.  All in all it was an hour well spent.”

Remember that everyone of your presence counts!  We are so completely grateful for those who have stood out already and can’t wait for everyone else to join.

2) Every group of vigilers yesterday ended their shift by calling the Campaign Headquarters of Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown introduced themselves and said:

” I am here with (#) other people participating in the weeklong, round-the-clock Vigil to End Climate Silence on climate change.

Climate change is the single most urgent threat to our future, to national security, and to the stability of our world.  Despite this, our elected leaders and those who seek office have remained silent on the issue.  We, as voters in the Commonwealth of MA, ask that Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren inform the public about their position on climate change and lay out a concrete plan for taking leadership to address it.  We ask them to make this a central part of the October 30th debate, even if the moderator does not ask about it.

What do we want?

ALL: “Break the Climate Silence!”  Thank you for your time.”

Vigil day 2 call campaigns

3) Another highlight for the day 2:  Karl Thidemann of Somerville Climate Action made and brought a pecan pie! Bring food if you want!  Thank you Karl!  Others, please feel free to bring by some food for vigilers.

8PM Shift

4) Don’t forget to submit questions to WBUR  ( and John King of CNN, who will be moderating the last MA senate race debate next Tuesday night 10/30!

5) Finally, check out this incredible “Do the Math” wrap made by Shea Riester, Divestment Coordinator at Better Future Project.  Check it out!

Gratefully yours,

Vanessa for 350 Massachusetts!


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