Update on Vigil & Hurricane Sandy

We just got this update on the Vigil to End Climate Silence from Marla. Please let people know that they are out there in the rain, working to break the #ClimateSilence.


Vigil is on. Playing it by ear. We will update with any changes at 350ma.org/vigil on the 350 Massachusetts facebook page and the vigil event page and via twitter @350Mass and @marlamarcum and @BetterFuturePro.

We have use of Old West Church (where we used to gather for CASEJ meetings at 131 Cambridge Street, Boston, just down the street). People can bring a change of clothes and leave them in the church if they like so they can change into dry clothes after their shifts.

Please be in touch with me, Marla Marcum, if you have questions: marla.marcum@gmail.com

If you cannot join us, please consider committing to be a virtual vigiler by spreading the word that we are out there on social media, calling the Globe News Desk, calling amd emailing other news outlets’ tip lines.

This part of the vigil will be worth the discomfort if we can really show the world that climate silence is an urgent problem that deserves our attention and our voices… Perhaps especially durimg a hurricane (but we WILL NOT endanger people or ask anybody to do anything they think is dangerous)


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