Some Local Climate Action News…

Chloe maxmin // First Here, Then Everywhere

By Hannah Borowsky, Chloe Maxmin, and Ben Franta

Yesterday we were honored to represent Divest Harvard as we made the case for divestment at our first meeting with Harvard trustees. After 72% of undergraduates showed their support for divestment on the undergraduate referendum, our group was granted a meeting with the Harvard Corporation Committee on Shareholder Responsibility. Dozens of students lined the hallway as the trustees arrived, showing that Harvard students care about climate change and support the University in its first official conversation about fossil fuel divestment.

Overall, the tone of the meeting was very positive. We had the opportunity to make our case for divestment and explain why it is essential for Harvard to be morally and intellectually consistent. The trustees recognized the urgency of climate change and the moral authority of younger generations who will be feeling the impacts of global warming. Yet they questioned whether divestment…

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